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Man arrested, accused of beating his girlfriend and her child

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An Evansville man is charged with battery, strangulation and criminal confinement after allegedly beating his girlfriend and locking her inside her southside apartment.

Under arrest is 18-year-old Daven Boyd. Boyd is also accused of hurting his girlfriend's young child.

"There's a lot of crime out here, I think we need patrols," said neighbor Donnie Phelps.

Phelps was not too surprised by the arrest of 18-year-old Daven Boyd, after investigators say the crime happened in Woodland Park Apartments.

Police say it all started Monday when Boyd became irritated with his girlfriend's young child crying over being in time-out.

Investigators say Boyd struck the child in the leg and hand at least six times in the same spots.

Detectives say then, he beat his girlfriend with a cane, choked her, and trapped her in her apartment for two days, after learning she took her child to safety at her mom's house.

"The things that kind of shocking about this case, is the ages of the adults, both of them are 18, and to see a young man with the potential of these crimes against a child and someone he loves, that's pretty shocking," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Detectives say the child is recovering from bruising, police say the girlfriend had to be treated at the hospital for injuries.

Police say this is a case study example of domestic violence involving isolation.

"That's what love ones need to watch out for," Cullum said. "If they think domestic violence is going on, that's a big red flag if all of a sudden they're not calling, if they don't come by, and visit or when family comes by to visit and they don't want to let them in, that's something you need to watch for."

And this is not the type of crime Donnie Phelps likes to hear coming from the complex he's lived in for six years.

"Maybe he can get some help," Phelps said. "But I think there needs to be more punishment on domestic violence."

Daven Boyd made his first court appearance Thursday afternoon. He's now free on a $500 cash bond.

His next court date is currently set for November 20th.

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