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14 News speaks to the sister of Indy house explosion victim

The explosion killed former Henderson resident, Dion Longworth and his wife, Jennifer. The explosion killed former Henderson resident, Dion Longworth and his wife, Jennifer.

The funeral for the couple killed in an explosion last weekend is set for Monday at the Indianapolis church where they were married.

36-year-old Jennifer Longworth and 34-year-old John Dion Longworth died in the explosion Saturday night in the Richmond Hill subdivision that damaged about 80 homes.

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation.

Dion Longworth was from Henderson. Despite the year between them, Brookley Longworth says growing up, people sometimes mistook her and her older brother Dion for twins.

And with good reason.

"We did everything together, went everywhere together in school, you know, everybody knew us as the brother sister team," Brookley told 14 News.

And they stayed close, Brookley says. even as adults living in different states.

After graduating from Henderson County High School, Dion moved to Indianapolis.

11 years ago, he married his wife, Jennifer.

Everything was normal, a fun Thanksgiving holiday together just a few days away.

But for Brookley and her family, it all changed in an instant last Saturday night.

'Really, we're all just still in shock," she said. "Still kind of trying to figure out 'Wow, that just happened. Really did that just happen?'"

At first, all Brookley knew was there'd been an explosion in Indianapolis.

As the hours passed, she followed the story over the phone with her sister, and online, hoping for the best.

But as more pictures and information from the scene hit the Internet...

"That's when I kind of actually knew there's no way that that's, that they escaped that unless they were out of town," Brookley said.

But Dion and Jennifer Longworth were home that night, and early Sunday morning, Brookley and her family got official word the couple hadn't made it.

It's not been easy saying goodbye to her big brother, but one thing that's helped. is finding out the impact he had on others.

"We cared about Dion and knew exactly the kind of person he was, but it was really nice to come to a realization that everybody else actually felt the same way," Brookley told 14 News. "And Dion really would have liked to have known that he left that kind of mark on people because that was his goal was to be the nice guy that helped people and that's pretty much what everybody thought of him."

And though it's hard to see past the tragedy, Brookley's still trying to take away something positive.

"It's kind of forced me to focus on striving to be a better person, because Dion really always was striving to do better be better and it'd be nice for everybody to learn a lesson from Dion's attitude."

Family and friends are invited to the visitation between St. Paul Episcopal Church on Green Street in Henderson between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.

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