CO Caused By Generator Nearly Kills

Christina Cain
Christina Cain

Web Producer:  Amber Griswold

Carbon monoxide fumes from a generator nearly killed two girls at an Evansville home Wednesday. The home on the southeast side was without power, and the generator was on in the breezeway as the two girls were sleeping in the bed of a pickup truck parked in the garage.

Thirteen-year-old Christina Cain of Henderson is being treated at St.Mary's Medical Center.  She was spending the night at her friend's home. The 12-year-old Evansville girl is hospitalized in Louisville.

Her father discovered something wrong when he checked on the girls.

Christina Cain described what happened. "He was talking on his cell phone calling the ambulance and everything. I was about to fall over and she couldn't move or talk or anything."

Melody Cain, Christina's mother, explained to Newswatch, "I just want people to know if they have kids to keep the generators away from them, away from the house period. If he would not have found them, they would be dead today. Both girls."

Melody Cain told Newswatch, Christina's friend was alert and talking in the Louisville Hospital.