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Pros & cons of home HIV tests

OraQuick is the first over-the-counter HIV test that can be done entirely at home. A quick swab of the mouth and you can know if you tested positive or negative for the virus that causes AIDS in as little as 20 minutes.

While the HIV screening community welcomes another option for people to get tested, they worry some may not get the follow-up care they need.

A.J. Johnson is with Baton Rouge AIDS society. He compares it to a pregnancy test.

He says results from all at-home tests are preliminary and need to be verified - especially if they're positive. It's one of the services his organization provides. They also offer confidential counseling. 
Counseling can not only diffuse a volatile situation, it can help at-risk individuals make lifestyle changes that reduce the odds of them becoming HIV positive.

Still, for people who may only feel comfortable taking an HIV test in the privacy of their own home, experts say the OraQuick may be the best alternative. They just hope people do their homework and seek out the community support they need.

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