A Day Spa Causing More Stress

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

An Evansville business specializing in relieving stress through facials and massages is causing stress for some of its customers.

Cleansing Waters Day Spa, packed up its bags and moved out of its Hebron Avenue location without warning.

Now customers are showing up to Cleansing Waters in Evansville to cash in gift certificates from Christmas, birthdays and Mother's Day, instead they are finding more headaches and stress.

Cleansing Waters called Kristi Hanzel the night before her scheduled massage saying they would have to reschedule because of a medical emergency. Two weeks later, their phone was disconnected and they were gone.

A birthday present from Kristi Hanzel's husband meant to relieve stress has only added it.

Hanzel commented, "I thought it was really rotten that a company could do that, they knew."

"It's just a shame that they can take people's money and not make an effort to pay them back. I t's not the money, I mean no one likes to be ripped off financially, but it is a principal issue. I mean that was wrong. They know that there are people out there that have gift certificates that are basically useless."

Karen Maier of Absolute Beauty Inc. said, "A lot of people are upset, which they have every reason to be because they had no notice. They were basically selling gift certificates, pretty much from what I assume, until they closed their doors."

Maier moved into the vacated Cleansing Waters location. Ironically, she too, owns a day spa.

Karen wanted it clear, "Let people know we are not associated with Cleansing Waters whatsoever. We are a totally different business."

Karen says she is trying to make the most of a bad situation, for both her and Cleansing Waters customers.

"I mean we get at least five or six phone calls a day, or people coming in saying I have a gift certificate , what am I going to do. And we are just trying to take 60 percent of the value of the gift certificate, and we want their business."

Michael Lauf with the Better Business Bureau, says they've received numerous complaints about Cleansing Waters, but he says customers might want to think about taking Karen up on her offer.

"Unfortunately with gift certificates, the gift certificate is only as good as the company and once the company no longer exists, it's just useless pieces of paper."

Kristi Hanzel said, "I will work with anyone who wants to get with me to try and contact them and let them know that people are upset about this and we deserve our money back."

Employees of Cleansing Waters say they also weren't given any notice about the business closing.

Newswatch attempted to talk to the owners of Cleansing Waters Wednesday by phone and at their house. We got in touch with someone and left a message, but the owners never responded. As of Wednesday evening we could find no records that they have filed for bankruptcy, personal, business or otherwise.

If you are a customer with a Cleansing Waters gift certificate, Absolute Beauty is offering to honor those certificates up to 60 percent until the end of the year.

Absolute Beauty's number is 812-477-1367.