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Parent of gay student disapproves of school flyer

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A flyer that was supposed to draw attention to bullying and used the word "gay" in a derogatory manner has drawn mixed reviews.

Although there is quite a bit of support for the movement, it has come under fire from the parent of a gay student.

The message is simple: "Don't say gay, say hey, stomp out the G-word."

It was an attempt by student council members to stop using the word "gay" as a slur at Belton High School and it seems to have resonated with most students.

"It's just trying to promote respect, and it's trying to make an effort to have everyone have respect in our school district," sophomore Amanda Harris said.

"A lot of people use all these slurs and stuff, so it's good to see the school is actually stepping up and taking a stand," sophomore Bailey Martinez said.

But the stand has one student, who is gay, and her father very upset. The father spoke with KCTV5 by phone and didn't want his identity revealed so his daughter isn't harassed.

"The school is determining what words people can use and not use. In my opinion, that's just not the way to go about it. If people are gay, they're gay," the father said.

He believes specifically focusing on the word "gay" will single out gay students, which could actually encourage bullying despite the good intentions. He also said other students who may be bullied because of race, weight or other issues should have been included in the anti-bullying message.

"[If] they have a no tolerance policy toward bullying, then that's what it needs to be specified as: No bullying, period," the father said.

One parent and some students said they had no problems with the sign.

"If there are some kids that are being offended by it, if they're trying to do better for the kids, I think that's great," Jana Martinez said.

"Belton is a good place and a good high school, and I think people are starting to get the fact they need to start respecting each other," Harris said.

Students said the student council hung the signs all over campus with the permission of the faculty. The parent said he will contact the faculty about his concerns.

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