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Get involved on National Parents Involvement Day

Thursday is National Parents Involvement Day. 

The EVSC is letting parent know what that means and how to get involved.

It's site council meeting day at Cedar Elementary

"A meeting we hold with all of our community partners, parents, staff. We get together, we collaborate of different ideas, discuss different needs that we have," said Barbie Sandifer, the Community Coordinator at Cedar Elementary.

Marion LaChance, who works at the school and is a grandmother, comes to almost every single one of the meetings.

"Learning is important, but there's more aspects that go into school and supporting your school as a parent. Show the kids that when you grow up, that they can start doing it for their kids," LaChance said.

There are many ways you can get involved.

"They can try to build good relations with their teachers. They can get involved in their PTA. The most important thing they can do is support their child at home," said Patricia Weinzapfel with the EVSC. 

Weinzapfel says it's good to have a National Parent Involvement Day to highlight the importance of communication.

"We want parents to understand that we not only want them involved in their child's education, we want them involved in our schools and we want them involved in the district as well. We see parents as partners and we need parents to be their partners," Weinzapfel said.

Cedar Elementary has held monthly site council meetings for more than a decade.

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