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So. Much. Food.

Whew!!  If I eat dinner tonight, you all have permission to smack me.  After the towering plate of delicious Thanksgiving food I polished off at lunch today (and the additional plate of desserts I ate as an afternoon snack), I do NOT need to eat again until tomorrow!


Our Carry In spread was pretty dang impressive, don't you think??  It included turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, hash brown casserole, rolls, cinnamon butter, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies… and the list goes on.  We are all definitely blessed to have so much.  


I followed through on last night's plan to make spicy buffalo chicken dip, recipe courtesy of my Aunt Jan.  It came out pretty well, though there's still quite a bit left.  I think most people stuck to the more traditional Thanksgiving fare when they loaded their plates:) 


The one issue I did have was that I ran out of space in my crock pot.  I was doubling the recipe, but by the time I got to chicken there was just not enough room!  Sooo… it might have been a little soupier than usual:)

Ok, on to other things!  First—an update on a story I did yesterday about Showplace East in Evansville showing the UK/Duke basketball game on a movie theater screen for FREE.  I'm an IU fan, but I stopped by last night just to check it out.  It did not fail to impress! 


It seemed like the 120 or so people who came were enjoying it… although by the end of it, maybe not so much.  Most, as expected, were UK fans.  And since UK lost… you get my drift.  All in all, thought, it's a pretty cool concept.  I'm thinking about heading back when they air the IU/UNC game in a couple of weeks!

As far as news goes today, I was kind of out of the loop.  Today I stayed in-house and worked on a story that will air next week.  That's why you didn't see me on the air at all.  I must say, it's nice to have a break from the everyday grind sometimes.  I'm hoping this story really turns out well.  It has a lot of potential, so I just need to not screw it up! :)

Lastly… I have ANOTHER pretty cool story I'll also be working on for next week.  I'm going to wait until tomorrow to share some more details, but let's just say it will involve some packing and quite a bit of time in the car.

Well, how's that for a cliffhanger???  Have a great evening!

Until next time,


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