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Simple exercise can improve body movement

You've heard over and over again how aerobic activity is good for you.

At the Pennington Biomedical Center, there's an added element. According to a nationwide study known as LIFE, doing simple movements with weights added can improve body movement.

Biomedical researcher Dr. Timothy Church says, "As we age we lose one to two percent of strength starting at age 40, and that's because we are losing one to two percent of muscle."

He adds, "Maintaining that strength is critical for healthy aging.  Pushing yourself out of a chair, carrying your luggage, carrying your grandchildren. But really the only thing you can do to maintain your strength is to lift some weights." 

Keep in mind: there's no fancy gym needed – you can do these things in a hallway with a wall. 

Simple movements become exercises when you repeat them with weights and discipline. 

Exercises like 'the hula hoop' may put your hips in motion in ways you don't normally move, but it works on your balance, your flexibility.

Dr. Church says you gear your exercise to your age. Be gentle with yourself, graduating to more challenging things when you're ready. But 30 minutes three or four days a week - that's 100 minutes a week.

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