The Schnitz!

Well, well, well.  Monday, we meet again. (Insert evil laugh). Despite all the negative hype that surrounds Mondays, today really wasn't all that bad.  In fact, looking back, it was a pretty darn good day!  All of my stories (thankfully) came together easily enough.

My main story was about an Evansville man named Stan Gregory who is now on his second trip to Little Ferry, NJ to help victims of Super Storm Sandy.

Stan has become a celebrity out in Little Ferry.  He's positively impacted a community that was literally under water after the storm.  He showed up there a few days after all the damage was done with a grill and some food (including meat donated from Dewig's) and just started feeding people.  It is so awesome to hear about people like Stan—and how cool that he lives right here in Evansville!  The video to that story is attached if you missed it earlier.

Moving right along… to another note.  I, as has been previously mentioned in this blog, do not claim to be a fashion plate at work.  Today I'm not sure if I made a slight improvement or a major slide down on the footwear scale by wearing black rain boots all day, despite the fact the rain was pretty much gone by the time I left my apartment this morning.

I just had my mind made up I was going to wear them.  But by the time I had to be in public today… they just looked kind of ridiculous.  Sigh.  One of these days I will get it together… right???

Ok, now for a quick weekend recap.  Mainly, I just wanted to tell you about my first-ever trip to The Schnitzelbank in Jasper!!!  The Schnitz, as some locals call it (and by "some locals" I mean our summer intern), is a pretty darn cool place.

I went with my family to celebrate a plethora of birthdays.  Here are all the birthday boys and girls.  From the left: my cousin Kevin, his mom, my Aunt Paula, my Great Aunt JoJo and my Uncle Brad.  My grandmother's birthday was also in November.  She passed away this past January, but we celebrated her as well:)

All in all we had 11 of us at dinner.  We were told we all had to be there by the time of our reservation (6pm) or they'd give our table away.  Well, my parents and I went to Mass first down the street.  We came close to having to duck out during "America, The Beautiful" at the end to make it.  Who leaves early when you're singing about America??  Thankfully, we made it through the final song and got to The Schnitz just in time.

Now, The Schnitzelbank is a festive place.  Take the servers, for example.  They're in authentic German-wear!!  Ours was very nice and did a great job:)

But the atmosphere is just part of the equation.  The other key element-- the food.  If you're going to drive an hour away and almost lose your table, you better be in for some good eats.  Oh… we were.

At our table we had a plethora of goodies.  Turkey pot pie, fried chicken, bratwurst, fried chicken livers (ok… not really my idea of a goodie, but my parents seem to love them).  As for me, I went for "The Bratzel".  It was the winner of The Super Bowl 46 sandwich contest, a statewide competition to show off all the best sandwiches in Indiana!  I figured, I had to try it.  Also, I love bratwursts.  Worked out pretty well for me:)


As you can see, I didn't exactly hate it, HA! J  It was very good!  Since this is my blog, I guess I can say that if I had my way, the pretzel would have been a tiny bit saltier (I looovve salt) and the brats would have been grilled with a little char on them.  I understand, though, that's not really the whole German way.

Still, I'd say our outing was pretty fantastic.  And I didn't even talk about the salad bar!  Always great to get together with family.  One of the best parts of being back home, without a doubt.  Love you, family!!!!

Welllll… off I go for the night.  Thanks for checking in!

Until next time