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Henderson native dies in Indy house explosion

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A graduate of Henderson County High School and his wife died in that Indianapolis house explosion.

Monday night, investigators are still looking for a cause.

It happened Saturday night on the city's south side. The blast leveled two homes and damaged dozens of others, officials saying 29 homes are still uninhabitable.

Homeland security officials say no gas leaks were found in the mains or gas line running to the house, leaving many to question how it happened.

Police confirm that the two bodies found after Saturday night's explosion are 34-year-old Dion Longworth and his wife, Jennifer, who was 36.

In high school, Dion and his family called Henderson home and the news of this tragedy has left those who knew Dion simply in shock.

"It was just a total shock. When I heard the news, I physically got sick," Karen Browder said.  

It was through Facebook that Karen Browder got the news. Then the pictures and the videos began hitting the Internet.

Something out of a horror movie is how Browder describes it one with a tragic ending for Dion Longworth and his wife, Jennifer.

"You just don't think about being in Henderson and it being someone you know. It doesn't cross your mind," Browder said.

Browder knew Dion through her daughter. The two ran cross country and quickly became friends.

"You just don't expect to lose your children, you know. You do expect to bury parents and things like that," Browder said.

After the explosion, Dion's sister posted a message saying she was scared and praying, hoping her brother and his wife just weren't home.

"I was in denial. I just kept thinking they were out of town at a Reds game," Emily Voss, Dion's sister, said.

She says Dion was an avid gardener who loved to show off his skills.

"His garden in the back especially. He would walk you around to show you the new plants he'd planted. I think he just really liked putting something in the ground," Voss said. 

Browder says the loss of her own son two years ago is making the tragedy even harder to take. She says she's praying for Dion's family that they may find peace somewhere down the road.

"I lost my son, so it was a flashback. There's no goodbyes. It's just something that happened sudden. It's difficult. The loss of a child is so much different than just a loss," Browder said. 

Browder says she remembers Dion for his kindness and his smarts. She says Dion was among the top in his class going on to a successful career in Indianapolis.

"Super smart and the most kind and giving person that I've ever met. If a child or someone was being ridiculed, he was the first one to say, you know, don't do that," Browder said. 

In all, the explosion damaged 80 homes and caused an estimated $3.6 million in damages.    

On Monday, the Longworth family told news stations in Indianapolis that they hope to plant a memorial garden where Dion's house once stood.

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