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LST Veterans day breakfast a time for some vets to connect and serve

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On this Veterans Day many across the Tri-State took time to honor local veterans.

In Evansville, breakfast was served to veterans and their families on board the LST 325.

It's a tradition that began six years ago, and some veterans say they come year after year because it's a chance for them to catch up with the men and women they served with years ago.

It was old war stories and exchanging memories between family and friends aboard the LST. An event Navy veteran Jack Stephenson travels more than 400 miles to attend.

"I make sure I'm down here working every year for the veteran's breakfast," he said. "I make sure of that. I see a lot of my friends come in, that's the only time I get to see them, once a year."

Stephenson served on the destroyer escort in the pacific during World War II.

"I worked on the bridge in operations up topside and now I'm a snipe in the engine room on this LST, so I worked my way from the top, all the way to the bottom now."

But as an LST crew member, he says he's here to serve other veterans.

"A lot of my friends didn't come home from World War II, and anything I can do to remind people the sacrifice they made, I try to do it, I always try to do it"

Serving for example, William Wargel and his family. This wasn't Wargel's first time on an LST.

"I was just a passenger," Wargel said. "We moved from New Guinea up to the Phillipines, I was in the Air Corps."

He also worked in a shipyard during World War II, building LST's.

It was also a family affair for Roy Stofleth, who says he was a post-World War II baby and serving in the navy was in his blood.

"I listened to all the stories when I was growing up, and knew that, when I got old enough, I was going to join the Navy," he said.

So many of the LST crew members say they look forward to Veteran's Day every year because even as veterans themselves, they get to serve others.

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