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O`Charley`s serving veterans to thank them for serving for us

O'Charley's is thanking veterans and active duty military personnel, celebrating their service, by providing them with a complimentary meal on Monday, November 12. 

"Veterans Day offers us all an opportunity to recognize the men and women who proudly serve our nation, and at O'Charley's, we will show our appreciation by serving those who have served us," said Hazem Ouf, president and chief executive officer of American Blue Ribbon Holdings, which acquired O'Charley's earlier this year. "We value this opportunity to show our gratitude to the men and women who have stood so honorably for America."

With their military I.D. or other proof of service, servicemen and women will receive their choices of meal from the O'Charley's "$9.99er" menu.

O'Charley's also invites all of our neighbors to show their support by signing "Thank You" banners, which will be on display at all O'Charley's locations. These community "Thank Yous" will be delivered to local veterans organizations on Tuesday.   

"O'Charley's restaurants have been embraced by so many communities across the Southeast and Midwest over the years," said Ouf. "Having the thank you banners in our restaurants for the community to sign is a way for our restaurants and the community members they serve to collectively thank their local veterans for their service."

For more details on the O'Charley's Veterans Day promotion, visit O'Charley's website. 

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