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Gibson Co. tattoo ordinance aiming to ensure quality 'ink'

A permit that costs $150 and an additional $75 per artist. A permit that costs $150 and an additional $75 per artist.

As tattoos grow in popularity, so do so called 'basement' tattoo parlors.

Now, Gibson County has a new ordinance to make sure you're getting 'inked' by legitimate artists.

With a few clicks of a mouse, you can order a tattoo gun, needles, and ink.  You can even learn to tattoo on YouTube.

But Hart Street Art Company in Princeton says they see the outcome of these 'home tattoo parlor'" all too often.

"Newcomers, stuff like that especially, it's a pretty scary percentage of people that come in with either cosmetically bad tattoos or scarred tattoos or infected tattoos," said Mike Bowling with Hart Street Art Company.

Tattoos that Bowling says are botched because they're done by an artist without proper training or sanitary conditions.

"Tattooing has become a lot more mainstream over the years, lack of a better term, kind of, become an 'in' thing or whatever, and a lot of times people want to be 'that guy,'" Bowling said.

So, the Gibson county Health Department is passing its first tattoo parlor ordinance.

"We do know that people run them out of their home, so this actually makes sure they have everything setup the way it's supposed to be to do body piercing and do tattoos," said Jennifer Tuley with the Gibson County Health Department.

The ordinance states operator's must obtain and display a license, maintain records with photo IDs of all patrons, and either proof that they have received the Hepatitis B vaccine or a signed waiver declining the vaccine.

"The big change will be coming in January and getting their permit for the year," Tuley said.

A permit that costs $150 and an additional $75 per artist.

The ordinance is expected to pass on November 20th, and parlors have until the first of the year to get everything in order.

The Health Department says the ordinance is more a proactive measure, saying local parlors in Princeton are up to code, and that they law focuses on keeping the 'home parlors' sanitary.

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