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4th grader makes family find in Indiana History book

A fourth grader in Poseyville made quite the discovery this week when he opened his Social Studies textbook.

It's proof his family will go down in history.

This is one of those stories where you think, 'What are the odds?' on a couple of different levels.

And it's a story Kyle Payne's family will likely be telling people about for a long time.

Science is Kyle's favorite subject.

But lately, it's his Indiana Social Studies book, specifically one page of it that's been getting a lot of attention.

"I just didn't believe it," Kyle noted.

A few days ago, Kyle, a fourth grader at North Elementary School, was flipping through his textbook when something caught his eye.

When he looked a little closer, he noticed some familiar faces.

"My uncle, there's my cousin, there's my brother and there's my dad."

All of them right in front, enjoying a street concert in Indianapolis before a Colts game in 2007.

Now, that picture is part of a lesson on population density.

"If he would have flipped over that page we'd have never known we was even in that history book," said Kyle's dad, John.

He admits, he was pretty skeptical about his son's find at first.

"He said, dad, your picture's in my history book," said John.

"I told him and he didn't believe me," Kyle joked.

"I was like, that's probably impossible," John said.

"And then I showed him the picture and then he believed me," explained Kyle.

"I was just shocked," said John. "I took a picture of it with my phone, sent it to my brother and told him and he was kind of in awe too."

Doesn't it figure though, the eagle eye who spotted the family, missed out on the picture.

Kyle wasn't along for that trip.

But at just nine years old, he's still got a lot of time to find his spot in the history books, and change his mind on his favorite subject.

"He brings his history book home every day now, too," John said.

After his brother found out, he went online and bought one on eBay.

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