Henderson County students get brand new archery building

New archery center

Long before the popularity of the Hunger Games, archery was already a hit among many Henderson County students.

In fact, in recent years it has grown so much, that schools ran out of room to practice --that is until now. Students just got a brand new building to shoot in.

"I used to be really shy. Now I have come out of my shell, " says Jessica Murch, who has been shooting archery for 4 years.

She's one of the nearly 650 Henderson County students practicing the sport.

"You don't have to be physically built. It's just any body's sport. I've seen kids in wheel chairs compete," says Payton Lykins who has been shooting for several years.

With all but three schools in the county starting archery programs, space became a problem last year.

"It was pretty cramped. The high school practices last year started at like 7 p.m. and went to 8:30 p.m.," says Payton.

"Practices ran late," says Maggie Melton. "You didn't have time to do homework. It was a very stressful year last year."

Not anymore.

"We're just now finishing it up. The heat and air units were just set today," says Chase Fulcher, the main fundraiser behind the new archery facility.

He says the whole community came together to build it. "We raised in excess of $200,000 cash, about $200,000 in-kind services. Contractors donated their time and local people made donations."

Thanks to all of them, Payton isn't stressed about getting her homework done on time.

"It's definitely opened up more space and more time for us to practice," she says.

Organizers tell 14 News the three remaining Henderson County schools who do not yet have archery programs are already discussing starting ones next school year.

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