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Man arrives at ER to be treated for burns, admits they came from exploding meth lab

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Evansville Police say a man showed up at an emergency room early Thursday morning and admitted his injuries came from an exploding meth lab.

Thursday night, that man is being treated for serious burns and police say he's been in trouble with meth in the past.

Police say the victim was very badly burned, and that the man told ER doctors that a friend had thrown a meth lab at him and that's how he got hurt.

He's been air-lifted to another hospital, and when or if he recovers, police say they'll be ready to make the arrest.

"This is not his first time being involved with meth," said EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum.

Evansville Police say a surprise admission in St. Mary's Emergency Room lead officers on an early morning goose-chase, trying to find an exploded meth lab that severely burned 58-year-old Randall Eggers.

"Brutal honesty. He told them that he'd been injured in a meth lab explosion," Cullum said. "He didn't try to lie to them or make something up."

Police first searched Eggers' truck, then his home on Audobon Drive, where they say they found a one-pot meth lab, but no evidence of an explosion.

They then went to where Eggers had been working that night, but nothing out of the ordinary.

"With the one-pot method ,if it explodes, we really don't expect to see much of anything, it's going to tear itself up," said Cullum. "He's not a threat to anybody at this point, so we'll allow him to continue to get his medical treatment.

Thursday night, Eggers is in the burn unit at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis in fair condition.

Sgt. Cullum says Eggers won't be arrested until he makes a recovery.

"Right now we are conducting a criminal investigation for the meth lab," Cullum noted. "But if we take him into custody at this point and he's still under medical care, the taxpayers will be on the hook to pay for his medical treatment while he's locked up."

Sgt. Cullum says the burn pattern may indicate what Eggers was doing when the lab exploded.

But because of his injuries, it may be some time before Eggers is back in Vanderburgh County.

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