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Our Shopping Spree!!!!

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Alright!  Feeling back to normal today.  Ready for a nice, long post with some pictures... and video! :)

Today was pretty high on the interesting scale for me as far as work goes.  Started things off with a hilarious and exhausting visit to Buehler's IGA on First Avenue to take part in the "Celebrity Shopping Spree" to benefit the Tri-State Food Bank.  (And, by the way, celebrity is their word, not mine, lol!)  The awesome gent with us is our ever trusty Assignment Editor, Randy (who I've mentioned before on here).


They had seven teams, most representing different media outlets (Courier & Press, Eyewitness News, 14News, etc.), each competing to rack up the biggest bill!  We were told we'd have two minutes to accomplish this.  However, once we got going, they tricked us and added more time.  This was a very good thing for the Food Bank because it meant we could grab more stuff.  It was slightly bad for my heart, I think.  I was T-I-R-E-D before we got to the end.  Wooh!! 


Araceli and I had never participated in this competition before.  Some of the other competitors had.  I think I even overheard one of the radio stations saying they'd been in scouting out their route in advance.  We, on the other hand, got in trouble for trying to take a peek around the store at the last second before things started!

Everyone seemed to have pretty much the same strategy—at least in the beginning.  Go for the meat.  We sprinted to the back of the store and grabbed two of everything we could (that was the limit—per item, per cart).  I threw a ham at one point.  Thankfully, it landed in the cart and didn't take anyone out (although, come to think of it, eliminating some of the competition might not have been such a bad idea…  I kid, I kid)!


Araceli is mommy to a precious one-year-old little girl, so she knew the baby aisle would be another good one to really inflate our bill.  Diapers were the one non-food item allowed, so we got some of those, formula, baby food, etc.  Cereal and coffee—in the cart they went! 


It was such a great time.  We ended up "spending" $945.68.  (Really, Buehler's IGA donated everything—more than $7,000 in total!!!)  The winners were from the non media-related team representing Buehler's—with over $1400.  Because they had such "home store advantage" though, they were taken out of the running for a trophy.  


It didn't really matter for us, though.  We still came in second to last.  Boo!  I don't like to admit it, but I will give credit where credit is due—meteorologists Ron Rhodes and David Heckard from Eyewitness News took home the 1st place trophy.  Well done, fellas, well done.  Next time, I might try to sabotage you with a faulty cart wheel.   Again, I kid:)


The other interesting part of the day came at Roberts Stadium.  I know some people have probably been holding on to hope that somehow it's going to stay standing.  But, it's not.  Today people who bid on parts of the Stadium at that auction back in August were out claiming their items.  This guy was taking out the glass blocks along the wall.


The most noticeable demolition today was of the big blue "marquee-type" Roberts Stadium sign visible from the Lloyd.  It came down with the help of an excavator and cutting torch. 


Those are two terms, by the way, I was briefed on by the guys who took it down.  I thought they were using a bulldozer and blow torch.  You learn something new every day, right? :)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's assignments as well.  I'll be shooting a very sweet story that will air Thanksgiving Week, and then I think I'm making a trip to Poseyville.  A 4th grader there was in Social Studies class and noticed a photo of his family in his textbook.  They were part of a crowd of people that was shown in association with a story about Indiana's population density.  Not breaking news by any means, but pretty cool, nonetheless.  I think I'd have been pretty shocked if I saw my dad and brother in my Social Studies book way back when:) 

Okkkk… that's all I've got!  Almost to the weekend!!

Until next time,


P.S.  Have I mentioned lately how amazingly NICE David James is?  I sit next to him and hear him talking with his wife on the phone most nights.  She is very lucky.  Such a sweet guy!!    

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