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KY Law Enforcement position could be eliminated in near future

The position of Constable could soon be removed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This comes after a report compiled by Kentucky Law Enforcement Officials that says they want Constables removed or stripped of their law enforcement powers.

Many officials want this position to be removed because it's not needed in modern day law enforcement work.

This recommendation comes just a year after a Louisville Constable, David Whitlock, shot a suspected shoplifter in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Whitlock later resigned as part of a plea deal that kept him out of jail.

The Kentucky Law Enforcement Council concluded that the 500+ Constables around the state performed 1/4 of 1% of all law enforcement work and didn't receive enough training for the job.

 Several local law enforcement agencies agree with this recommendation.

"They've been a great asset to the county and to the city of Greenville, they all work hard in serving their community, but we do feel like there should be some kind of required training for them to kind of match law enforcement in general as far as full time police officers," said Wes Miller with Greenville PD.

State officials say there's no timetable for when and if this position will be eliminated.

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