Tonight at 10: Explosive meth labs remain a sinister danger

An Evansville burn victim tells authorities he was injured in a meth lab blast. Tonight at 10 Brian Boesin looks at how first responders handle these explosive situations.

For many of us.. posting photos of our pets or family members to social media sites is something we do almost every day.  But many don't realize where those pictures could end up. Don't miss our special report: Protecting Your Image.

More than half a million visits are made to doctor offices each year to evaluate and treat spine curvatures. Scoliosis can lead to excruciating pain or even death.  Now, there's a new method to help doctors figure out a patient's risk without guess work or unnecessary testing.  It's tonights medical breakthrough report.

And the Colts extend their winning streak against the Jaguars?

See you at ten, David James