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Woman arrested, charged in 1993 murder case now out of jail

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Debra Calloway. Source: Ohio County Detention Center Debra Calloway. Source: Ohio County Detention Center

In Ohio County, one of the people charged in a 1993 kidnapping and murder case is out of jail.

Debra Calloway is the former sister-in law of the victim, Patricia Calloway.

Before she was released on November 1st, Debra Calloway was housed at the Ohio County Detention Center.

Both Debra and Vernon Calloway were arrested on October 17th for the 1993 disappearance of Patricia Calloway.

Her release came as a result of Kentucky House Bill 463, which allows judges to make bond changes.

Ohio County Commonwealth Attorney Tim Coleman explains how that affected this case.

"In certain cases, we oppose bond modification, some we agree to it," Coleman said. "In this case, given a number of different factors, we agreed to a bond modification, which she eventually was able to make."

That modification lowered her bond, which was originally set at $500,000, to $10000, 10 % with bail credit.

Ohio County Jailer Gerry Wright explains how that process works.

"For each day they stay in, they'll get $100 taken off their bond, and for her 10 days, it was $1,000, so she actually just put up the $30 booking fee," Wright said. 

Wright notes that being credited for time served works to an inmate's benefit.

"They're getting out sooner, and they don't have to put no money up," Wright noted.

Just because Debra's no longer in jail, Coleman says nothing in the case has changed.

"There's been no amendment of charges," Coleman said. "There's been no, anything slowing down the prosecution of this case. It's going forward as it was from the day of the indictment."

Of course, this is still an ongoing investigation, and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available

A trial date is scheduled for July 23rd for both Debra and Vernon Calloway.

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