Breastfeeding Baby Doll - Creepy or Groundbreaking?

There are dolls that wet, and dolls that crawl and talk -- but the behavior of one doll goes beyond what some critics are willing to tolerate.

It's a doll that breast-feeds. The doll's suckling sounds are prompted by sensors that are sewn into a halter top at the nipples of little girls.

The dolls were introduced in the United States more than a year ago -- but the American distributor still can't get them onto mainstream shelves. Dennis Lewis says there's been a lot of support from breastfeeding organizations, educators and others -- but "a lot of blowback" from others. He says the critics are either people who "have problems with breastfeeding in general," or who "see it as something sexual." And he says retailers don't want the controversy.

Although some critics say it's too mature for children, child development expert Stevanne Auerbach in San Francisco loves it. She says it helps older children deal with new babies in the family -- and satisfies their curiosity.