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Line King decries egregious defense; advises caution to $EC fans

(RNN) - The Presidential election is finally over and if you think Mitt Romney supporters were bummed out, be glad you're not a fan of the Troy University Trojans. Troy became the first FBS team since the NCAA began keeping statistics to amass more than 700 yards and LOSE (Baylor gained exactly 700 earlier this season and lost to West Virginia in another egregious example of no-defense football).

Troy got 721 yards to be exact. Romney would have loved that Electoral College number.

Troy also scored 38 points against the University of Tennessee. Not Middle Tennessee, not Tennessee Tech, not Motlow State Community College in Tullahoma – the Big Orange, which gained 718 total yards (the most in its school history), 530 thru the air (again, another proud record) in a victory that didn't make anybody very happy.

If one of your beloved $EC schools plays Troy, be sure to tune in or better yet, buy a ticket and go, because the Trojans have an amazing history of spectacular collapses against $EC teams.

  • In 2003, the Trojans turned the ball over seven times (twice in the red zone) in an 11-8 loss to Mississippi State.
  • In 2007, Georgia mounted two, not one, but two 1-yard (ONE YARD!) touchdown drives to defeat Troy 44-34.
  • In 2008, the Trojans were stomping (that's an understatement) L$U 31-3 in the second half, only to lose (or choke) 40-31.
  • Earlier this season, Troy yielded two TDs of more than 50 yards and gave up a fourth-down 25-yard TD in a 30-24 loss to Mississippi State at home.

But The Line King has digressed, vented and there isn't much humor in losing – or winning the way Tennessee did last week. Just ask Romney supporters or the Trojan and Tennessee fans who have taken to social media or the World Wide Web demanding the heads of the Troy defensive coordinator and the Tennessee head coach.

And speaking of Romney supporters, stay classy, Mississippi.

Arkansas at South Carolina (-14), Noon, CBS

Talk about disappointing seasons. SoCar had visions of Miami, then the wheels feel off in Red Stick. The wheels, the coach and his lady friend fell off a Harley Davidson Hog on an Arkansas back road last spring. At least the Visor doesn't ride motorcycles – at least none that we know of, so let's go with him again (I know, it's scary).

Missouri (+3.5) at Tennessee 12:21 p.m., SEC Network

Tennessee gave up approximately a half-a-mile last week against the aforementioned Sunbelt Conference also-ran Troy Trojans. Both teams have been real disappointments, but Mizzou has cooler uniforms and held Florida to 14 points last week, so take the Tigers again (I know, it's scary).

Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida (-26), 12:21 p.m., SEC Network

Florida won last week 14-7. That's what I said: 14 to 7!!! And the Gators only ran 56 plays. It wasn't too long ago they ran 56 plays a quarter. ULL runs an up tempo game and has a head coach with an ego the size of Epcot Center. Let's give the Gators another chance, again (I know, it's scary).

Vanderbilt (+3) at Mississippi, 7 p.m, ESPNU

Black Bear fans were so distraught after being humiliated on National TV, they were still marauding the streets on Tuesday night (try that story and stick to it). There's a lot to play for in this game – relative to the storied football histories of both schools. The Vandy fan has his sight set on the Music City Bowl (so he won't miss the men's basketball game later that night against North Greenville). With a win, the Liberty Bowl looks like a lock for Ole Miss – Memphis is kind of like New Orleans. There is too much on the line for Mississippi to come through – take the ‘Dores again (I know, it's scary).

Georgia (-15.5) at Auburn, 7 p.m, ESPN2

Barn looking to close out a memorable season and there's plenty to build on next season with two impressive wins over UL-Monroe and New Mexico State. The Dawgs are the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of CFB. More "For Sale" signs have been placed on Mark Richt's lawn this year than in the remainder of the city of Athens itself. But here they sit, on the verge of the $EC Championship Game. Barn has installed additional fire hoses to use…maybe as early as the second quarter. Take the Dawgs again (I know, it's scary), lay the points and pray that no more "For Sale" pop up on Richt's lawn.

Johnny Football at Alabama (-13.5), 3:30 p.m., CBS

At any moment of a game, Texas A&M's Johnny Football can looks like a Rodeo Clown without the barrel. You would think it'll be interesting, but every time we say that about Bammer, they open a can of whup. Let down after L$U? Emotionally drained now faced with a QB with a severe case of Restless Legs (plural) Syndrome. The Line King hasn't had a good track record with Bammer, so this might be their kiss of death. Take the Red Elephants again (I know, it's scary) and hope JF has the flu or something.

Mississippi State (+14) at LSU 7 p.m., ESPN

Mississippi State is perpetually stuck in Middle Earth and having just been embarrassed by Johnny Football, the Dogs might be looking for some redemption and pride. L$U hasn't lost consecutive games since Curly Hallman was in control. Most L$U fans have conveniently forgotten those days of half-empty Tiger Stadiums and rainy Saturday nights – it rained a lot during that era. The Tigers have owned this series, but maybe not 14 points worth. Take the Bulldogs – not that scary.

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