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Corydon mayoral candidate wants recount after losing by seven votes

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A mayoral candidate in Corydon wants a recount after losing the election last night by just seven votes.

That race was a very close one with Philip Brewster winning the seat of mayor with a 120 votes over Paul Echols' 113.

But Echols says he just wants to make sure those votes were counted correctly.

Wednesday, Corydon resident Deborah Brown is still wearing her "I voted" sticker, something she says she worked hard to get.


"Someone had signed Deborah Brown in my signature case," Brown said.

Brown says when she arrived at the polls Tuesday, "the woman said, 'you've already voted' and I said, 'oh no, I have not voted and I'm not leaving here until I do.'"

Brown says given the tight mayoral race, she's uneasy about her voting experience.

"The machine said I voted, but I don't know whether my vote counted," Brown said.

Casey Philips with the Henderson County Clerk's Office says in Brown's case, someone with the same name, but a different middle initial signed on the line by mistake.  Philips says the county keeps a close eye on situations like this ensuring residents that every vote counts.

Mayoral candidate Paul Echols says he knows of several voters who own property in Corydon, but don't live there who voted in the city's election. Echols says with just seven votes separating he and Brewster, he's going take action to make sure the race was a fair one.

"I think the ballots should be counted by hand to get a clear, a clear picture of who actually won," Brown said.

Echols says he's now talking with an attorney to determine the next steps in demanding a recount.


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