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Do you have coats you don't need anymore?

For more than two decades, the Coat A Kid program has been handing out winter coats to needy children.

For the first time, the program is completely out of coats and organizers are asking for your help.

The racks are usually full of coats this time of year. 

"Never been in this situation before. Usually we're having to work weekends, evenings just to get these coats cleaned up, to get them to kids fast enough, but right now we're just kind of waiting for coats to come in," Steve Schmitt said. Schmitt is the owner of Don's Claytons. 

They've already given out more than 2,500 coats.

"We're way behind and we have children that are waiting in line asking for coats," Schmitt said.

Half of those donations go here to The Salvation Army. 

"Our racks have been filled, emptied, filled, emptied," said Major David Minks with The Salvation Army

Minks says with the early winter he's seen, parents come in record numbers. Some coats came in from Don's Clayton's just Wednesday morning. 

"Easily about 100, 150 coats and by mid afternoon, they'll be all picked over. The children's coats will be gone," Minks said.

That's why they are hoping you'll open your hearts and your closets again this season.

"A lot of moms can't afford $50 for a new coat every fall, and so we need everyone in your viewing area to get together and drop off a warm coat," Minks said

Organizers say coats for kids anywhere from the ages of two to teenagers are needed most. You can donate at any of the 10 Don's Clayton's locations in town.

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