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Quick Election wrap

Just a quick Election Night wrap-up!  It's technically 12:30am Wednesday, but I'm still counting this as Tuesday's post:)

I spent the evening at the Hadi Temple in Downtown Evansville covering election reaction from Vanderburgh County Democrats.  I must say, the mood was pretty subdued most the evening.  There were moments of celebration, but overall, things were pretty mellow.  The podium they had set up on a stage didn't get any use.  No one gave any speeches—just some updates as results came in from the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party Chairman.

We, of course, fell victim to a few technical snafus (as is probably to be expected on a big night), but nothing too crazy.  The bottom line—we made it through and live to report another day!  I'll try to get back to posting pictures tomorrow.  For now—heading home to bed!  Back at it in the morning.  Looking forward to a visit from a Memorial High School senior who will be spending the day job shadowing.  It's something I did as a senior at MHS as well, so I hope I will be of some use to her!  :)

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