Deadly tri-state tornado swept through 7 years ago today

It may seem hard to believe, but today is the seventh anniversary of the November 6th tornado that swept through four tri-state counties, claiming the lives of 25 people.

The F-3 rated tornado touched down just before 2 a.m. in a Henderson County field, made it's way through Ellis Park before destroying much of the Eastbrook Mobile Home Park, killing people while they slept.

The tornado had a peak wind speed of 200 miles per hour and traveled at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour.

The tornadoes 41 mile path also heavily damaged parts of Newburgh before lifting near Gentryville.

Over 500 homes and businesses were damaged with a dollar loss in the hundreds of millions.  The storm was the deadliest November tornado on record in Indiana.

The tri-state community was recognized nationally as a model for dealing with a disaster's aftermath in the days and weeks following the tornado.