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Mourdock stops in Evansville on Election Eve

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The polls open in eight hours, and the nation will be watching the outcome of a race involving a local candidate. 

Monday in Evansville, the Republican Party held its Election Eve Extravaganza, and among those attending, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock of Vanderburgh County, who wants to be the next US Senator from Indiana.

In just a few hours, the Salvation Army office on Fulton will be a very busy place. It will serve as one of the polling centers on Tuesday in Vanderburgh County.  

On Monday night, there was a push to get voters here.

In an effort to rally the troops on Election Eve, the Vanderburgh County Republican Party brought in a man who has a lot to say about this election through his controversial documentary "2016 Obama's America."

"I felt I stumbled onto a truth about Obama that's not the whole truth, but it fills in some of those missing pieces of the jigsaw," said film maker Dinesh D'Souza. 

While at the Election Eve Extravaganza at The Centre, republicans also took time to take pictures of a race they're sure to remember.

"To be home is always special," said Richard Mourdock.

Mourdock, the Vanderburgh County native who ousted long-time Senator Richard Lugar in the May primary, spent his final day campaigning across the state, most of the day appearing alongside Senator Dan Coats.  

His opponent, Joe Donnelly, also took advantage of the final hours crossing the state with former Senator Evan Bayh.  A poll released just last Friday shows Donnelly with a double-digit lead over Mourdock.

"We do our own polling and our own polling shows that we're 3 points up," Mourdock said.

The poll, released Friday, also shows Donnelly with a sizeable lead among women voters after that now famous comment Mourdock made during a recent debate.

Mourdock says it was an issue for about a day. Donnelly says it's a statement that Mourdock should apologize for.

"I think those comments were an insult to women, were an insult to victims of rape and to their families as well," Donnelly said. 

Mourdock told the crowd Monday, he would like to be the 51st vote to repeal Obamacare. He says he's confident he'll be the next US Senator.

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