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Election Eve

Ohhh, Election Eve.  You are finally upon us!  I'm probably going to be slacking on the blog a little bit the next few days as we battle through Election-Mania!!  Consider this fair warning:)

Today, I had the chance to spend a little time with two of Indiana's gubernatorial candidates, Democrat John Gregg and Republican Mike Pence.  At Republican Headquarters in Vanderburgh County, Pence and his wife even took to the phones to call some voters.  I wonder if those people on the other end of the line believed it was really them on the phone?!   Ha! 

I always like the non-political things I learn about candidates.  For example, in the elevator at Democratic Headquarters today I learned that John Gregg is watching what he eats.  They stopped at Turoni's and he told me he got a veggie pizza with no cheese.  That sounds so sad to me.  But, I guess, better than no Turoni's! 

Pence and his camp were apparently heading to Donut Bank before leaving town.  They didn't ask me, but boy, could I have given some recommendations:)  Yummo!

Well, tomorrow is sure to be an exciting and exhausting, day.  So, my apologies for a lack of wit and humor here—I'm going to head home and get ready for our election coverage tomorrow!  My day will start, though, with a trip to a vote center, to cast MY votes.  Hoping the lines aren't as bad as they were today for early voters at the Civic Center!  Brian Boesen waited I think close to 2 hours!  Yikes!

Have a great rest of Election Eve!  I'll be tweeting away tomorrow, so if you're interested in election updates—follow me @ErinMeyer14News!

Until next time,


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