Tonight at 10: Our special report: Testing Teachers

Testing Teachers is our special report on a new, state mandated student performance for pay initiative. We'll hear how the EVSC and local teachers are reacting to the mandate and how those changes may impact education in the years ahead.

Election eve and we continue our Decision 2012 coverage with some last minute campaigning by U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock.

An Evansville man is accused of stealing several airbags from local salvage yards.

And in our medical breakthrough report...often mistaken for a heart attack, it's one of the most misdiagnosed heart problems. One in a thousand people will develop it at some point in their lives, and a lot of times it strikes a person in their thirties or forties. We'll look at a treatment for this mysterious ailment that causes your heart to literally drown or suffocate to death.

See you at ten, David James