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Hundreds of dollars go missing at pet adoption drive

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Hundreds of dollars went missing this weekend during a pet adoption drive in Evansville.

The organization, Another Chance for Animals, says they were out at Petsmart this weekend along with about a dozen other organizations for a national adoption event.

At this event, pets are paid for and adopted right on the spot, and nearly 150 pets were adopted this weekend.

During the event, President of Another Chance for Animals Jackie Rohner says more than $500 were stolen in what she has narrowed down to a ten minute period.

Rohner says she turned away to tend to some animals and when she went to put in another donation to a personal bag, she noticed the money was missing.

"We were out there from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., in the cold. I personally had my children out there helping. This is what we do. We are very passionate, we want to save the animals and to have somebody come up and just take the money, it's just very sad," Rohner said.

Another Chance for Animals says people from the community donated to make up for the stolen money. Money Rohner says is used to save animals from being euthanized.
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