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Retiring her stop sign

What a day!!  As I predicted yesterday, my Friday was stressful.  No way around it.  I'm writing this as our photographer Andy and I drive back from Owensboro in a live truck.  We are listening to a comedy podcast, and I, at least, am trying to chill OUT!  

I knew we might have some issues when it was decided we'd be stuck editing a fairly complicated story from our live truck.  (Granted, it was fairly complicated because I made it that way.)  The truck isn't as much the issue as the editing system.  It works, for the most part, the same way it does back at the station.  Only much MUCH slower.  Everything feels like it's taking about twice as long to do. 

So, long story short—things did not go as planned.  In the 4pm hour, we couldn't get our video to correctly feed back to the station.  Then, our longer story (called a "package"), didn't get back in time at 6!  A little frustrating because it was such a nice happy story to end on for a Friday!!

A 77-year-old woman in Owensboro, Dana Heath (aka "Ms. Dana"), retired today from her job as a school crossing guard, after 50+ years!!!  She's spent the past 30 or so at the same school, Newton-Parrish Elementary, but in all has helped children cross the street safely at five different schools.  :)


Dana was such a sweetie!  She was nervous at first when we showed up with our cameras, but did a great job.  She has quite the haul of goodbye cards to keep as reminders of all the kids she's helped over the years!

The reason, by the way, that Dana is retiring??  To take care of her 95-year-old mother!  I'd say that's a pretty good reason, wouldn't you?? :)


Tomorrow (yes, working on a Saturday), I've got a special feature story lined up in the afternoon that will air Monday.  We're turning the clocks back this weekend, and that means they also have to adjust the time on the clock at the Old Courthouse in downtown Evansville. It may not look that big from a distance, but that clock face is pretty large!  There is one guy who volunteers to take care of it.  So tomorrow, I'm going to venture all the way up to see the clock tower.  He tells me he's even going to put me to work—oiling the clock.  Sounds pretty cool!  Definitely one of the big perks of the job—going places and doing things I otherwise never would experience!

I'll let you know how that trip up to the clock goes Monday.  Have a great weekend! 

Until next time,


P.S.  Well, I thought I was finished.  One other interesting moment.  We just called 911 to report an erratic driver in front of us on the way home.  Not sure what their deal is, they've just had some trouble staying in their lane.  Hope they get it together and get home SAFELY!!!!

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