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Owensboro seeing a changing of the guard Friday

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After 50 years as a crossing guard, Dana Heath, known to some as Ms. Dana, is turning in her stop sign.

Monday to Friday, rain or shine, Dana Heath stands ready.

Making sure students at Newton-Parrish Elementary in Owensboro cross busy Byers Avenue safely.

This Friday though, is different, because it's Dana's last day.

She's retiring after more than 50 years on the job.

"It makes me want to cry, because it's sad leaving them, because they've all been so sweet," Dana told 14 News.

Hugs and homemade cards helped. Ways for Dana to remember the best part of her job; the kids.

"I'll miss seeing them every morning and getting up every morning and coming over here. And the afternoon, too. It won't be the same," Dana noted.

And she's not the only one who feels that way.

"When we get up and we're headed to school we know that she's going to be here and it's it just, it feels a lot safer when she's here," said parent Nick Moore.

Dana is 77 years old. And as for why she's leaving, well, she has a pretty good reason.

"I'm leaving because my mother is 95 and I'm having to take care of her, that's why I'm leaving," Dana told us.

So now, they'll have to find someone to take Ms. Dana's place, although that sounds easier said than done.

Dana tells us in her 50 years, she's worked at five schools around the Owensboro area.

Happy retirement, Ms. Dana!

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