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Your pet needs an annual check up, too

When you're sick, you go to the doctor. What some people don't realize is their pets need a yearly check up just like they do.

Dr. Jay Hreiz at Ebenezer Animal Hospital says in the past few years, while the economy has been down, so has the number of clients bringing in their pets for checkups.

"We understand the economy has hit everybody hard but we still think that annual pet care is extremely important," said Dr. Hreiz.

A Bayer Veterinary Care study last year found that 24 percent of pet owners agreed that routine checkups for their animals are unnecessary.

The same study showed 33 percent of dog owners and 41 percent of cat owners agreed that their pet did not need to be vaccinated every year.

Though Dr. Hreiz has seen a decline of pet checkups, he's seen a rise elsewhere.

"We've seen a large rise in emergency care where people have waited too long, and something that's going on with their pet and let it simmer awhile and we see them here on a life threatening basis," said Dr. Hreiz.

Which he says can make a vet bill even higher.

"The cost of preventative care is so much less for what it costs when something goes wrong down the road," said Hreiz. He says most vet offices like his are willing to work with clients financially.

"We're not here to rip you off - we're here to help your pet and make them healthy," said Hreiz.

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