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Jackie's Jewelry Malfunction:)

After all the office Halloween excitement yesterday, today's feeling like a little bit of a letdown.  Nothing too crazy going to report.  No newsroom goodies, either…  well—except for a few remnants from yesterday:)  

For the most part, today was one of those nice days when things just go smoothly.  (Which, most likely, means tomorrow will be chaotic and stressful:) )  I interviewed a very nice couple in downtown Evansville about a new senior living complex opening up at Court & Market Streets.  I asked the woman as we were starting if I'd interviewed her before.  She looked so familiar!  Once she said her name, I knew I knew her from somewhere.  Finally, before we parted ways, her husband figured out she was in a story I did not too long ago about the Reitz High School band… class of 1957.  Small world we live in:)

The one thing that was almost a bit of a disaster today happened right before my 4pm live shot.  I almost didn't make it.  I showed up and got my earpiece in a few seconds before the anchors needed to toss to me.  Phew!  I may or may not have left my car in a "No Parking" zone for a few minutes to  get on air on time!!  Luckily at 5 I had some time to spare. :)

On a completely unrelated note, part of the beauty of having a blog is that I can (occasionally) give my co-workers a little bit of grief if I so choose:)  So, I'd like to take this opportunity to razz Jackie Monroe for a second.  It's with her permission, don't worry! 


As I was sitting at my desk working on one of my stories tonight, I hear her say she just got an email from a viewer asking if she only had one earring on during the 4pm news.  Turns out, that viewer was either very observant… OR… just pointing out the extremely obvious.  Not only did Jackie have no earring in one ear—she had two in the other.  How that happens, I'm not exactly sure, haha! :)  She's chalking it up to the stress of Elections and sweeps (our ratings period we're in now).  I can SORT OF understand??  Earlier this week I realized I did a report with just one earring (the other one fell out in the newsroom)… but I'd say it takes some maneuvering to put two in one hole!! :)  

Well, I didn't claim this blog would be hard-hitting journalism, did I?  Hope not... or I'm not delivering between Halloween treat pictures and earring anecdotes.  Either way, hope you find it at least a little interesting!      

Ok… off to Mass for All Saints' Day. Almost time for the weekend!  So ready!

Until next time,


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