County officials work to ease flooding problems

Daviess County Fiscal Court will vote tonight on advertising for bids for a road construction project.

If approved, officials will be able to move ahead with their plans.

When it comes to areas in Daviess County that flood easily, officials say Crooked Creek Road is at the top of the list."

That severe flooding has led to looking at raising the roadway about six feet to ease those problems.

Most of the work would need to be done during the dry part of the summer when Panther Creek, which officials say sits about a thousand feet from the road, would be low.

Crooked Creek Road typically floods a few times each year.

Officials planned to begin work this past summer, but wetland issues involving when trees could be cut caused some roadblocks.

For the county, this is area is known as one of the usual suspects when it comes to flood waters.

Officials believe this will help reduce the problem for those that are affected by the flooding.

"It gets bad," said Daviess County resident Jeanynie Haynes. "The water usually goes over the road, and then it's closed."

"So instead of the road flooding twice a year, three times a year, we're wanting to minimize that flooding, so it may only flood once every five years, once every 10 years," said Daviess County Engineer Mark Brasher

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of next construction season.

The approval of that measure would mean that officials could begin the search for a contractor.

They say they hope to have one selected by the end of the year.

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