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O'boro High School students get sneak peak at voting

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Some high school students are getting a sneak peak at the voting process before taking part in it.

Thursday and Friday, students will participate in a mock election in their Social Studies classes.

This is a great opportunity for Owensboro High School students to practice what they'll be doing on Tuesday and get questions answered, but there are some rules. 

Just like when some of them head to the polls for the very first time, they'll need to have a photo I.D. in order to vote.

Students will also get to use scantron sheets to vote, which are similar to the new voting machines, so they'll get a very real-world experience.

Here's something else that's interesting, students will be voting using the exact same ballot that Daviess County voters will see on Tuesday. 

The results of the mock election will be announced on Monday.

Owensboro High School also makes it a priority to register every senior to vote before they graduate.

So that's good news even if a student can't participate in the actual election next week.

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