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O'boro police officers honored for their work in big case

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Two Owensboro police officers will be honored for their work on a major drug trafficking case. 

Detective Nick Wellman and Sergeant Jeff Roby will be honored at 2:30 Thursday afternoon for the work that they did last May on the Mayfair Pharmacy case.

Here's a quick recap of what happened in that case.

Louisville police arrested Steve Kirby for drug trafficking in may 2011.

OPD then worked with those officers and searched Kirby's Owensboro home.

Police say Kirby's wife, Tina, who worked at Mayfair Pharmacy, had over $1,000 in illegally obtained prescription drugs when she was arrested for drug trafficking.

An audit later revealed over 130,000 missing pain pills from Mayfair Pharmacy.

Police say they hope today's event brings the DEA closer to local law enforcement. 

"As you know, we're continually seeing problems with drugs in the community, so I think it's very important that we have those relationships with other agencies to include the DEA," said Officer Michael Hathaway, Owensboro Police Department.

After the awards ceremony, members of the DEA will speak about drug problems that they see on a routine basis and as Officer Hathaway mentioned, Owensboro is no stranger to these issues. 

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