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Local businesses learn importance of hiring disabled residents

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A job fair in Evansville on Wednesday, but the focus of this fair was to encourage employers to hire disabled workers.

Evansville has 12 agencies working with disabled residents and many of those agencies work together to find employment for those who truly want to work.  

Rudy Winderlich, with the Evansville ARC, stressed to employers the importance of hiring those with disabilities.

"Our biggest challenge is educating the employers so that they realize that people with disabilities are able to do jobs, they are willing to work, but they have challenges to overcome," Winderlich said.

The ARC says employers are afraid of myths regarding the hiring of disabled employees. 

"They may influence and hurt your productivity, it's going to cost more to hire somebody with a disability, and they are just that, myths," Winderlich said.

Research shows disabled employees have a higher retention rate, eliminating the cost of training new personnel year after year. The Evansville library system works with disabled employees and volunteers, but doesn't hire based on that. 

"I have seen them work, they're very good at what they do, they're very conscientious and I think that's very important. What I'm trying to say is, I don't look at it as disability, I look at is as ability," said Donna Seaton, a representative with the Evansville libraries. 

Job fairs like this one empowered employers to hire a workforce that truly wants to work.

If you are an employer that would like to get involved, you can click here to find your Vocational Rehabilitation center.

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