Halloween at WFIE

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!  Apparently everyone at the station today decided to bring in treats!  Good thing, too, because I stayed up too late and needed the sugar!!

Here's what our communal food table looked like this morning.  Cookies, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, taco soup… and the list goes on!

The rice krispie candy corn and pumpkins were my creations, along with the chocolate bats.  And by "my creations", I mean, I made them.  I did not conceptualize them.  I have to thank Martha Stewart and some other website for that:)


Had I known how easy it is to make rice krispie treats, I may have made them sooner!  That was my first time.  And food coloring makes everything more fun, I think.

The bats were pretty easy, too.  The wings are pop-tart pieces dipped in chocolate.  The head is a mini Oreo, and the eyes are pine nuts.  Pop 'em in the fridge and there you have it!

Scott is our News Director.  His wife, Shelley, made the taco soup.  It was awesome.  Smelled so good I ate mine around 10 this morning… whoops!!!

Then we move to Ally Kraemer.  She's our resident baker.  She made the ghost and pumpkin sugar cookies, the cupcakes and the buckeyes… all of which were of professional quality.


So yummy!!  I would know… on top of the soup, I had 2 buckeyes, a ghost cookie, AND a candy corn rice krispie treat.  Trying to cut back… moderation, you know. :)


Also wanted to share this picture our 4pm producer, Celeste, took of me and the Hulk this morning.  He came through the newsroom growling and handing out treats.  It was, actually, a little scary!  The best part is, he was the dentist on Midday with Mike today.  Answered viewer questions in his costume and everything.  Now THAT is dedication to the holiday!!

Well, know this entry had nothing to do with news, but now you know how I spent my Halloween!!!  Have a spooky (and safe) evening!

Until next time,