Farewell to our editor extraordinaire!

For a few minutes today, I thought I might be headed to Southern New Jersey!  (Mom, don't worry—I'm not!)  I actually suggested I go along with Red Cross volunteers leaving tomorrow morning to help with Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.  While it would have been an interesting adventure reporting on the damage and all the help (not to mention a 13-hr drive each way, I guess I will take my bed over a cot at a shelter. :)

The damage in NY and NJ is pretty incredible, isn't it?  While some parts are destroyed, in other places it's as if the Hurricane never happened.  This is a picture Brandon Bartlett posted through social media earlier today.

A friend of his took it—looks like business as usual in Times Square.  Hoping the cities impacted can heal quickly—and those stranded because of travel issues will be able to get home soon!

On a completely different note, we have to say goodbye to yet another 14 News co-worker today.  We will all really miss our editor/photographer extraordinaire, Mitch.  He's heading to sunny Florida and Disneyworld!!!  (Just as we get ready for winter, too.  Thanks for rubbing it in!!)

Mitch and I actually went to high school together.  He's a year younger than me, but he's helped me a lot here.  When I first started and was getting the hang of our deadlines, he definitely saved my butt a few times by working his lightning-fast editing magic!!  (Let's be honest, that help has come in handy much more recently, as well.)

Mitch, we will miss you. :(  Best of luck as you journey South!  Is it bad I'm just now putting 2 and 2 together about your cake??  Mickey Mouse—Disneyworld.  It all makes sense now!  I'll be counting on those free ticketsJ  (I kid, I kid… kind of…)  Try not to forget us and all the crazy tv stress when you're living the good life at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Until next time,