Hurricane Sandy... & my hair stylist

Welcome back!  Don't know about you, but I'm worn OUT today!  Just ready to head home, grab some sweats and get swallowed up by the couch for a few hours:)

Because I'm lacking a little motivation… I'm going to keep this pretty basic.  Hopefully I'll have more pretty pictures and interesting stories tomorrow!

Today was spent talking with local folks dealing with Sandy.  I'm so thankful to be far away from that crazy hurricane!!!  My hair stylist, Racheal, of all people, is stuck in Manhattan with no way of getting TO the airport, or FROM the airport back to Evansville.

This is a picture of her.  Doesn't she look like a hair stylist??  So stylish in general!  I feel a little bad that I tied her to my hair today during the 6pm show, because I'm wayyyy overdue for her to work her magic!  If my memory serves me… I haven't sat her chair since about June.  That, in the tv world, is not a good thing.  Ha!  Hopefully she makes it home soon so I can have her fix my mop—it needs some major help! :)

One of the other people I ended up connecting with today was an old friend from Evansville.  Hadn't talked to him in probably more than 10 years, but he saw my tweet asking for local people in Sandy's path!  Turns out, he's now in Norfolk, Virginia.  Always fun to reconnect with people, even if it was just a series of tweets and a very quick phone interview! :)  Thanks for the updates, Mike!

Ok, stay warm, everyone.  And Racheal, please don't disown me as a client.  I need you!!!

Until next time,