Tonight at 10: Mayor vs. Meth who's winning?

Last year was a record year for meth labs in Evansville. Then, mayoral candidate Lloyd Winnecke promised an aggressive policy to rid meth from the community. Has Mayor Winnecke lived up to his promise? Join me for my special report Mayor vs. Meth tonight at ten.

We have the latest track of Hurricane Sandy and how the massive storm will impact weather here at home.

At least one death in a school bus accident in Carroll County, Kentucky.

One in four babies will develop it and it can be a killer.  By the time doctors spot sepsis in newborns it can already be too late. In our medical breakthrough report we have details on an infection detection device that's saving lives.

And it's time to hit the courts as the Evansville Community Tennis Association opens its new, indoor facility.

See you at ten, David James