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Two arrested in EPD SWAT raid, one a suspect in So. IN armed robberies

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Antonio Currie (SOURCE: Vincennes Police Department) Antonio Currie (SOURCE: Vincennes Police Department)
Martez Smith (SOURCE: Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office) Martez Smith (SOURCE: Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office)

New information Saturday night on an arrest involving a SWAT raid and federal agents.

Authorities believe at least one of the individuals may have been involved in several armed robberies in Vincennes, including incidents with University students.

Shortly before 5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, Evansville Police carried out a SWAT team raid at 501 south Denby Avenue.

"We were contacted by the ATF to assist in a federal search warrant. And we utilized our swat team on that search warrant," EPD's Karen Kajmowicz.

That warrant was for the arrest of 25-year-old Antonio Currie. After he was indicted by a federal grand jury, for weapons violations and numerous armed robberies in Vincennes.

"While we were serving that search warrant, one of the occupants of the house is a convicted violent felon and he was in possession of a handgun," Kajmowicz said.

Officers say that convicted felon is 23-year-old Martez Smith, a man previously convicted of trafficking cocaine. Smith is not allowed to carry a gun, so he too was arrested.

"The police department has focused on gangs lately," said Kajmowicz.

Police say Currie is suspected in the armed robbery of a group of Vincennes students, that happened earlier this year, as well as drug trafficking in the area. They also say it's possible these crimes are gang-related.

"We've been putting a lot more effort into the investigation of gangs and also following through with the prosecution of them. A lot of these charges, they have, I guess, more weight at the federal level than they do at the local level. So, we are working with federal agents, as far as getting some of these charges. But yes, we have a very strong effort focused on gangs lately."

Vincennes Police say Currie faces up to 35 years in prison and is currently in federal custody.

Evansville Police say Smith is currently being held in the Vanderburgh County Jail. The investigation is still ongoing.

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