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50+ Owensboro children receive new beds thanks to church volunteers


Several children in Owensboro are doing something Saturday night they've never done before.

They're going to sleep, for the first time, in their very own bed.

And it's all thanks to some volunteers at First Baptist Church in Owensboro.

More than 50 children received new beds Saturday, built at First Baptist Church.

It takes a lot of manpower to turn a pile of lumber into beds for needy children, but Shannon Bailes, who has been passionate about Americorp's Build-A-Bed project for many years, knew it could be done.

"We started this is 2009 with a very small build and then we did a 565 bed build in a blitz in one day," Bailes said.

Aside from building the beds, church members spent more than $15,000 on items like bedding, even pajamas.

"I just felt like this is a perfect thing for a church to do, so I just pitched it to the ministers here and I said 'Hey, I got the know how to do it, we got the people, let's do it' because there's always poverty and there's always kids in your backyard that need help," Bailes said.

First Baptist worked with local schools to compile a list of children in need of their own bed. Saturday morning, 14 News went along as one of the beds was delivered. A boy named Jordan received his very own, brand new bed.

"It's great, he's going to love sleeping in his new bed tonight, he was really excited that he got it," said Jordan's mother Charlotte Cavitt. 

So excited to enjoy it, Jordan didn't have time to talk to us. Shannon says scenes like this are the satisfaction of giving to children.

"When you go into a home where this bed is the best piece of furniture in the house and a child is jumping up and down and is so excited because they're getting something new, you know it's such satisfaction, but that's not why we're doing it," she noted. "We're the hands and feet of Jesus and we have to meet the needs where they are before they can ever move forward in a relationship with Christ."

The First Baptist Church says they're working to plan another Build-A-Bed day next year, if not sooner.

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