Good works get noticed

It's a few minutes after 7pm on Friday.  I'm sitting here sharing a pizza with Jackie Monroe and our producer, Jill.  By now, I'm pretty sure I've eaten more than my share of it (sorry, ladies)!  It was pretty good, but I have a feeling it won't quite compare to the Turoni's I'm going to be consuming tomorrow night:)

So, let's see.  What happened today.  I started by heading to Chandler for an 8:30am press conference about a town employee who had just resigned amid a State Police investigation.  Unfortunately for me, I got lost on the way there.  Which made me about 5 minutes late.  Let's just say they weren't waiting for me to get there!  Never a good feeling walking into a press conference after it's already started.  Lesson learned—get good directions well in advance! :)

Today was obviously not the nicest in the weather department.  I spent some time hanging out outside the Huck's on the main Chandler strip trying to get people to talk to me about this resignation.  Not one of my favorite things!  Luckily, the ladies working inside let me come in for a while and try to convince people there.  It didn't get me an interview, but at least it was warmer!

Then, at my last stop to get some video before heading back to E'ville, I made the great decision to pull over right in the middle of a bunch of mud.  My pants are going to need a good cleaning.  Again, the tennis shoes come in handy.  I'm not kidding about this!!

This afternoon, I went from a "hard news" criminal-type story… to a very happy one (and for that I was very glad!).  A few months ago, the Grandview Tower apartment complex caught fire and displaced dozens of residents.  The Red Cross stepped in and helped them out while they waited for the go-ahead to re-enter their apartments.  Some of the residents were so thankful, they collected/donated over $160 dollars to give back to the Red Cross as a thank you.  They're using it to buy a brick that will be put in at the Red Cross headquarters on Stockwell Road.

This is a picture of the two residents who really got the thing going—as they presented the money to the Red Cross this week.  I think this is so awesome!  Grandview Tower is not the most luxurious apartment complex in town, and some of the people who live there go paycheck to paycheck at times, I'm told.  So for more than 50 of them (or their loved ones, etc.) to turn over those dollars is a pretty cool thing, in my opinion!  Job well done!

And while I'm talking about jobs well done, here's another one.  Back in May I met a special young lady named Paige Miller.  She's 8 years old and a 3rd grader at Caze.  Paige helped raise $1200 for cancer patients at Deaconess through a fundraiser called "Cupcakes for Cancer".

This picture was taken last night at the Deaconess Foundation President's Society and Cornerstone Society Dinner.  (Wow, that's a mouthful!)  Looking good, ladies!!  Here's what Paige's mom, Crystal, had to say about it on facebook,

"They made her feel so special and of course, I cried. LOL. To see my baby girl being called up by the President of Deaconess Health Systems and everyone clapping for her was overwhelming for her momma… Paige said the night was magical."

How great!  Amazing work, Paige.  Glad to know you are going to do "Cupcakes for Cancer" again next year!

Well… I think that's about all I have for today.  Gotta get ready for ANOTHER goodbye party!  Our editor/photographer Mitch is leaving us as he and his wife move down south to Florida.  She's going to be working at Disneyworld!  Maybe that means I can get some discounted tickets?!  Just kidding, Mitch!

Have a fantastic weekend, and GO IRISH!  Big game tomorrow!