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Henderson school taking steps to prevent horseplay

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One Henderson school is taking steps to prevent horseplay on school grounds.  

School officials at North Middle School sent out a notification to parents that they're stepping up disciplinary action for improper behavior.  

The Assistant Principal at the middle school sent out a 'one call' notification, letting parents know by phone that horseplay on school grounds won't be accepted.

Assistant Principal Velvet Dowdy tells 14 News that in the past couple weeks, teachers have noticed some instances of unharmful horseplay and that those acts have escalated.

Dowdy says administrators talked with teachers and decided that horseplay or fighting would result in immediate after school detention. She then sent that message to parents, letting them know there are consequences for students' actions.

"They trip a kid and the kid goes to the principal's office because they are bullying them. I think something should happen to that individual, but I don't think everybody should be punished for one person's crime," said Kristen Turner, the aunt of a middle school student. 

"We want our kids to act like adults and to treat them like adults and so with that, we're just outlining to everyone that this is something that we won't tolerate," said Danielle Crafton, Henderson County Schools' Public Information Officer. 

Administrators say the notification is an extra precaution to ensure students stay safe at school.

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