Not one, but TWO legends:)

Where to even begin today.  So much to share with you!  I guess I'll start with some newly-discovered treasures.  Check out these pictures of some of the veteran members of the 14 News team!

I think our promotions department is doing some fall cleaning.  These gems were sitting in a box back by the studio.

Even though they are in black and white, they aren't really THAT old.  I had to put Ann in the middle of David and Mike.  The rose between two thorns, right??  I kid, I kid.  David and Mike are two of the sweetest, classiest and most well-meaning men that exist.  It's a pleasure to work with them, and I'm very lucky to have David as a next-door neighbor in the newsroom.

He, on the other hand, is not as lucky to sit next to me.  That's because I tend to have a bit of a messy work area.  We gather a lot of things over the course of a few days.  Papers, flyers, pumpkins, reflective vests, 3.5 Q water jugs.  Anyway… I think I could use a little fall cleaning myself.  I'll get right on that:)


Today I did a lot of work from the newsroom.  I did an update on the apparent theft from a locker room in Sullivan while the South Spencer football team was there last Friday.  Since Sullivan is a pretty good distance (Terre Haute area), I got most of the story over the phone.  I did take a shorter road trip this afternoon though, to Boonville.

I was there for a story about early voting, and who do I see when I walk in—Harold Gunn!  Several months ago, Harold, a regular around the Warrick County Judicial Center, had a heart attack there.  He's now doing sooo much better!  He used to come visit the folks there about every day.  Now, he's able to check in about once a month or so!  Yay progress!

Harold is an absolute favorite around there, and in and around Boonville—he is VERY well-known!  Harold even has his own honorary "Chief" badge from, I believe, the Police Department.  I did a story when he wasn't doing so well all those months ago, so it was nice to meet the legend in person today!!

Speaking of legends… last night I met ANOTHER one.  And in this case, it was a legend known around the WORLD: Calvin Klein!  Araceli Thiele and I went to his presentation at the Victory Theatre, and really enjoyed it.

He had a couple of pretty good stories, including one about when he was first getting started.  He didn't want to risk wrinkling any of his garments in a cab, so he rolled them on the rack quite a few blocks to get them where they needed to be.  That, in and of itself, must have been quite a pain in New York.  Then he says a wheel broke off while he was going.  See, even really, REALLY famous (& rich) people weren't always so put together!! :)

At the end of the presentation, Dr. Kazee, the President of the University of Evansville (who coordinated the event) gave Calvin a gift.  He said it was UE underwear!  I thought that was a great idea (not to mention HILARIOUS) given Calvin Klein's success in that industry.  A UE rep later told me that was just a joke (boo).

Anyway, when things were all said and done, Araceli and I were hoping to get a picture with Calvin.  (Yep, you meet someone famous for 2 minutes and you think you can start calling them by their first name).  We ended up not only taking some photos, but also chatting with him a little bit.  He was very nice to us!

I had to joke with them though about my shoes—remember these brown tennis shoes I wear almost every day!  Who meets CALVIN KLEIN wearing brown gym shoes?!?  Uggh, me.  Embarrassing!  He was very kind about it, though, and didn't seem to judge :)

Before we went to meet him Araceli and I were acting all star-struck.  We (of course) had to make a restroom pit stop to check our hair and make-up!  It was such a fun night, and I was glad to have spent it with a great co-worker!

Finally—one last thing.  Our Marketing/Promotions department just finished a cool PSA about the success of Operation: Hot Mess.  Yours truly has a little role in it.  Here's a link if you're interested!

Until next time,