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High School offering reward for information in alleged Sullivan theft case

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We have new details Thursday night about the alleged thefts at Friday night's South Spencer football game.

The team was playing at Sullivan, and many of the players say they had items stolen in the locker room.

The report lists 15 people who say their valuables were taken from the locker room.

Thursday night, Sullivan School officials say they're putting up money to try and find out who is responsible.

Cell phones, head phones, clothes and cash, close to $750 reported stolen from the South Spencer locker room during their game in Sullivan last Friday.

"We're trying to find out how and in all honesty, we still don't know how they got in to be perfectly honest," said Sullivan Athletic Director Otto Clements.

But Clements has his own idea.

He thinks a locked entrance to the locker room was somehow opened, possibly inadvertently, by South Spencer players.

However the thief, or thieves, got in, he says it doesn't reflect well on the school.

"It's an embarrassing situation," Clements admitted. "Ultimately, that responsibility is mine to see that their locker room is secure and obviously we had a lapse and we've got to do something to make sure it never happens again."

So, while police investigate, the school is stepping in, offering up a $500 reward in hopes of cracking the case.

"We're working hard to try to find out who did it and hopefully you know get the articles back to the kids or at least try to get them some kind of reimbursement for it," said Superintendent of the Southwest School Corporation Chris Stitzle.

"Very, very sorry. I wish I could fix it," Clements said. "I wish I could make it right, but unfortunately I cannot. I hope they don't hold this one incident as their opinion of Sullivan High School because that's not what we are about and that's not what our kids are about."

South Spencer moves on to the second round of sectionals Friday night at home against Forest Park.

We will keep you updated on this story if any arrests are made.

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