Tonight at Ten: 14 News investigates 'Brain Change'

Tonight, a 14 news investigation into a common medication prescribed to both children and adults. It's used to treat a disorder that usually starts during childhood and could last for several years. When prescribed properly and taken appropriately, the drug can be very effective in treating symptoms. But it's a medication that doctors say, isn't for everyone. Join us for Brain Change tonight at 10.

Two arrests for dealing synthetic drugs. New information tonight from the Evansville-Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force.

Imagine taking your normal prescription medication and then watching your skin painfully peel off your body. That's what happens to people with a mysterious disorder that threatens more than just their skin. Don't miss our latest medical breakthrough report.

And the latest track of Hurricane Sandy being dubbed a 'Frankenstorm' by the NWS.

See you at ten, David James